Re - drugs,alcohol and tobacco

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  • Social problems caused by
    • Drugs
      • The main social problem caused by drug abuse is that drugs are illegal therefore all drug dealers are ciminals
      • Another major problem is that drugs are expensive so it forces users into a life o crime
      • Altough no drug consistently produces violence some users become violent under the influence of drugs
    • Alcohol
      • Alcohol is responsible for
        • 30% of drowning deaths
        • 41% of all deaths from falls
        • 25% of boating deaths
        • 45%-55% of all fire fatalities
        • 55%-75% of murder victims had been drinking at the time of the incident
        • 40% of **** offenders had been drinking at the time of the incident
        • 50% of those who commit sex abuse crimes also abuse alcohol
    • Tobacco
      • The social problem caused by tobacco use affects the families of the smokers as they watch their loved ones die slowly from diseases that could have been prevented if they didn't smoke


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