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Drugs and Alcohol
By Aimee…read more

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What is a drug?
· A drug is a chemical substance that you
take into your body to add an effect which
changes your mood or the way you feel.
· There are four types of drugs:-
1. Stimulants
2. Depressants
3. Hallucinogens
4. Analgesics…read more

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Kinds of drugs in more depth
· Stimulants
­ affect the central nervous system
­ increases brain activity
­ e.g. cigarettes, amphetamines and cocaine
· Depressants
­ slow down brain activity
­ e.g. alcohol and solvents
· Hallucinogenic
­ change your senses
­ gives impression that things are there when they're not
­ e.g. LSD, magic mushrooms and cannabis
· Analgesic
­ painkillers
­ e.g. aspirin, paracetamol and heroin…read more

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Drug laws in UK
· Legal drugs are sold under controlled conditions in
pharmacies and supermarkets.
· Some are sold over the counter top for over 18's,
others require prescription.
· Some non prescription drugs are legally available
(alcohol and tobacco) but are still subject to strict
· Illegal drugs are classified according to how
dangerous they are.
· Police have legal rights to stop and search
someone if they suspect them of carrying illegal
· Punishments include cautions, fines and…read more

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Alcohol laws in UK
· Children under 16 are not allowed in bars/pubs
unless accompanied by an adult.
· Under 18's are not allowed in pubs.
· Only exception is when a 16 or 17 year old is
having a meal with someone over 18.
· Alcohol can be served 24 hours a day in licensed
· It is illegal for under 18's to buy or try to buy
· It is illegal for anyone to buy or try to buy alcohol
on behalf of someone under 18.
· A license is needed that can be granted by the
local authority to sell alcohol.…read more

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