Drug Abuse - Morality

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Religious Studies Revision – Morality

Drug Abuse



-chemical substances which affects the body and mind

-there are stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and opioid analgesics.

-stimulants increase brain activity

-depressants decrease brain activity

-hallucinogens act on the mind, distorting vision and hearing

-opioid analgesics are painkillers

-medically prescribed drugs are prescribed by a doctor as part of a treatment. They are legal to use and can be brought from a chemist. All religions allow the use of medically prescribed drugs as they are taken to help the body recover/mend itself and to relieve pain








-peer pressure



-escaping from problems



Experimental reasons, so they can see what it is like

Recreational reasons, some drugs are used in social events

Experiential reasons, some drugs are used because their effects on the mind/body

Addiction reasons, their bodies don’t function properly without the drug



-these drugs can be brought by anyone over the age of 18 in the UK

-these drugs are taxed, therefore when you pay for them the money goes to the government

-taxing discourages people from using them but also provides money for public services, it will save them money in the long term as using these drugs will affect their health care later on and it could also fund medical research and the treatment of addicts

-tobacco is most commonly found in cigarettes and can be smoked, it contains the drug nicotine which is very addictive and can be seen as relaxing. It has high taxation which makes it expensive to smoke, it can shorten your life span and cause serious heart and lung diseases as well as breathing problems, and it also pollutes the environment with its smell and can affect the health of others through passive smoking

-alcohol is a depressant which has many short term and long term effects on the mind and body. For example it can caused impaired judgement, confusion, anxiety, vomiting, talkativeness, hangover, relaxation and increased heart rate. Its long term effects are infertility, decrease in brain tissue, heart and liver disease, depression, obesity and addiction.



Some believers think it is okay to use these drugs in moderation because their teachings do not forbid them and sometimes even use them (wine) in religious celebrations. Others believe they should not use any drug that damages their body and mind.



-“do not get drunk on wine, it leads to sinfulness” (New Testament)

-“drink a little wine to aid your digestion” (New Testament)



-“alcohol is the mother of all evil” (Qur’an)

-“the body is a gift of Allah that should be cared for and not abused”



-the body is on loan until the day of resurrection, it should not be harmed



-any drugs that are illegal to possess, sell or use

-Misuse of Drugs Act (1979) classifies drugs into three


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