Social class and education (external factors)

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  • social class and education (external factors)
    • deprivation
      • material
        • lacking resources or things that help with educational achievement
          • child poverty groups, poor housing conditions make study at home difficult. douglas- lack of material resources= failure
      • cultural
        • working class inadequately socialise their children and therefore lack the right culture to be able to suceed
          • brooks- working class families fail to socialise their children
    • parental encouragement
      • douglas
      • help w/ homework, take them to places relevant to studies, make sure they get to school on time
      • measured through number ot times parent visited the school
        • blackstone andmortimoore- working class families work shift work, cant afford it, intimidated
    • language codes
      • elaborated
        • middle class, complex, used in education
          • teachers use it, used in textbooks, used in exams
      • restrcited
        • working class, limited, slang
      • basil berstien
    • attitudes
      • sugarman
      • working class
        • collectivism
        • fatalism
        • immediate gratification
        • present time orientation
      • middle class
        • no collectivism
        • no fatalism
        • deffered gratification
        • future time orientation
    • cultural capital
      • bourdeui
      • attidtudes, values
      • educational capital
      • economic capital


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