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  • Social Class
      • Material Factors
        • Poverty and home circumstances
          • Poor quality housing - less space to study
          • Poorer Diet and health - Time off school
          • Lack of money for educational resources
          • Less access to further and higher education because of costs
        • Catchment Areas
          • Poor adult role models
          • Schools with a lot of social problems
            • High teacher turnover
      • Cultural Factors
        • Parents level of education
          • Can't help children with schoolwork
        • Parents may not value education
          • Child less motivated to do well
        • Attitudes and Values
          • Lack of emphasis on long-term goals and future planning
          • More focused on immediate gratification
        • Language Barrier
          • Bernstein
            • Working-class - Restricted Code
            • Middle-class - Elaborated code
              • Used by teachers, Exams, textbooks and writing essays
          • Might not know english
            • Difficulty communicating with teachers for help
        • Lack of cultural capital
          • Bourdieu
            • Parents education
            • Visits to museums
            • Social Capital - Links to the right people to get help e.g choosing the best schools
      • Teacher Evaluation and stereotyping, streaming, labelling
        • (See Process within School MIndmap)
          • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
          • Subcultures
      • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
      • Subcultures
      • Working-class underachiever is external AND internal factors
      • Cultural Factors ignore practical difficulties
        • Parents may not help their children due to a lack of confidence in their own lack of education
        • Working-class parents working long hours don't have time get involved in school activities


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