Topic 1 - Class differences in achievement (1) external factors - Explaining class differences


Social class background powerful influence on child's chances of success in ed sys. Children from m/c background on average perform better, + class gap in achievement grows wider as children get older. Children of m/c do better at GCSE + stay longer in full time ed - majority go to uni

Popular explanation of class differences in achievement - better off parents can afford to send their children to private schools, better standard of education. Smaller class sizes, so teachers can focus more individually on pupils. These schools only eduate 7% of Britain's children, but account for nearly half of all students entering elite unis eg Oxford

However, existence of private education does not account for the class differences w/in state education

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Internal + External factors

Internal: factors w/in schools + ed sys eg interactions between pupils and teachers, and inequalities between schools

External: factors outside ed sys, eg influence of home + family background + wider society

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