Shot composition + focus + meaning

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  • shot composition
    • aspect ratio
      • 1st number = width
        • 2nd = height
      • filmmakers change aspect ratio in film to change mood
        • widescreen gives more realistic take on what eye can see. feels more epic + big budget. suitable for intense drama + sci-fi
      • 1:33:1 = most common ratio for films
        • 4:3:1 = academy ratio (used to be common - vintage feel)
    • rule of thirds
      • image can be divided into 9 parts with grid - 4 intersecting parts can alig features in shot, creating more interest, energy and tension then centring a subject
    • key terms
      • depth of field: focal length (area in focus)
      • deep focus: foreground, middle ground, background in sharp focus - layered quality + more detail
      • shallow focus: narrow depth of field - only one plane of frame remains sharp, typically in close up
      • focus pull/ rack focus: when focal point change, shifting audience attention / point out significant relationship
    • after effects
      • filming subjects with screen screen + adding background later - extends our visual realities by creating scenes that can't be filmed. E.g Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - flying over train
        • effects add to message conveyed to audience
      • computer-generated camera effects: picking out / adding colours, slowing time, copying images to make crowd scenes, softening shot to blue imperfections, changing original depth of field
        • effects add to message conveyed to audience


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