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Unit 3: Mass media

Ownership & Control

Key Terms ­

Transnational Corporation (TNC): a large business with operations and outlets in a range of
countries. (Example - Facebook, Google)
Cross-media ownership: when a company owns a range of media forms such as TV and newspapers.
(Example - Newscorp)
Media Conglomerate:…

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Supporting Arguments:
There is a Free Media: Everyone has the right to set up newspapers etc. in capitalist society.
Wide range of views will be expressed.
Audience demand and the market mechanism: Size & diversity of mass media corporations means
Owners cannot control what is produced. Journalists and editors make…

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The news of the world) Marxists argue this shows he feels it is necessary to control politics of
tabloids aimed at working class and not those read by higher social classes.

Neo Marxists ­ Also thinks the media helps spread ideology (values, ideas & beliefs supporting
capitalism) but do not…


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