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    • Rights
      • confidentially
      • choice
      • equal and fair treament
      • protection from harm and abuse
      • consultation
    • why is it important to maintain individual rights
      • to raise self esteem
      • to instill trust
      • to empower individuals
    • Benefits for individuals when rights are maintained
      • High self esteem-person feel valued and respected
      • Trust- feel the care workers are trustworthy and cause them any harm
      • empowerment - gives  someone authority to do something/become independent
    • CHOICE
      • Gives individuals control of their lives
      • promotes independence
      • empower individuals
      • increase self esteem
      • example in social care - an optional programme of social events and outings.
      • example in healthcare - choice of male or female doctor
      • example in early years - who to play with
    • confidentiality
      • it helps service users trust their carers
      • protects the interest of any individuals
      • info can any be shared on  a need-to-know basis
      • intends to harm themselves - person says the will commit suicide
      • intends to harm others - threaten to injure someone
      • risk from  harm others - domestic violence/sex abuse
    • protection form harm and abuse
      • all staff must carry out dbs. checks
      • all setting must have fire procedures
      • provide staff with manual handling
      • individual who are risk of abuse/harm would be: people with dementia, learning disabilities have any impairments, and children in care
      • `more likely to happen if: staff are not properly changed when using equipment manual handling correct procedures when providing intimate care
    • equal and fair treatment
      • full access to equal opportunities
      • having wheelchair ramps
      • adapting lessons for children with special needs
    • consultation
      • ask for individuals opinions and views
      • ask for preferences and options
      • ensure shared decision making
      • this make the individuals feel valued and empowered to make an informed choice


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