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    • verbal/non verbal
      • verbal communication is what say to another person
      • non- verbal is using body language, written or specialised
    • use vocab that can be understood
      • no jargon
      • explain specialist terminology
      • use age appropriate vocab
    • don't be patronising
      • use positive body language eg smiling relaxed posture
      • avoid sarcasm/ talking down at people
      • be polite and show respect through active listening
    • adapting your communication to meet the needs of individuals or situation
      • emphasise important words
      • slow down to speak at a clearer pace
    • listening to individuals
      • use body language to show a positive reaction nodding your head
      • ask the person don't assume you know what they prefer/want
    • how using effective communication supports rights
      • the individuals feels valued
      • it develops trust
      • it shows respect
      • raises self esteem


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