Causes of Urban growth in an NEE - Rio de Janeiro

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  • Rio de Janeiro
    • Oppotunities
      • People encouraged to volunteer in schools.
      • Grants given to poor families so kids can go to school
      • A new nuclear power generator has been installed.
      • Improvements to quantity and quality of water.
    • Challenges
      • Education compulsory for 6-14 year olds.
      • only 12% have access to running water
      • 20% of favela population is unemployed
      • High crime rates.
      • Up to 5000 deaths a year due to air pollution
    • Atlantic coast of Brazil. Major port city. Population of 6.5 mill in center and 12.5 mill in surrounding area.
    • Growth caused by migration - people moving for the jobs offered. Natural growth - high birth rates to low death rates.


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