Geography Paper 2 Urban issues and challenges

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  • Rio De Janeiro - case Study (urban issues and challenges)
    • importance of the city
      • tourist of an amount of 1.6 million with no major event to attend to
      • 2nd most populated city in Brazil
      • the unemployment rate is on decline
    • Causes of growth: natural increase & migration
      • grown rapidly in the last 50 years to become a major industrial, administrative, commercial and tourist centre
        • due to this, migrants have been attracted from Brazil and other countries.
      • 2nd largest city in Brail with 6.5 million people in the city itself and 12.5 mil in the surrounding area.
    • how has urban growth created opportunities?
      • an increasing work force means and increase in taxes being paid that can be spent of improving local infrastructure
      • in Rio there are 1000 primary schools and 6 major universities
      • 105 hospitals as a result, the life expectancy is 77 compared to the 73 year average
      • more jobs are available in Rio than there are in the north and east of Brazil
    • how has urban change created challenges?
      • some cities do not have the time or resources to accommodate and employ these people, therefore the migrants arrive and find themselves living in poor conditions
      • it is estimated that 37% of water is lost through leaky pipes, fraud and illegal access
      • many children drop out of school at 14
      • Air pollution is estimated to have caused 5000 deaths per year in Rio


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