Richard Cromwell's Protectorate 1658-59

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  • Richard Cromwell's Protectorate
    • A relatively smooth transition ... Smith; 'his fall in 1659 was by no means a foregone conclusion'
      • However, Richard was more of a 'civilian' man and alienated both the Republicans and Lambert
        • He was eventually forced to dissolve Parl. in May 1659
          • Which was dominated by Presbyterians, crypto-Catholics and some Republicans
      • He did inherit the regime with many problems, incl. £2mil debt.
    • He denounced his power 9 months after his ascension
      • Without a King-like figure as a recognised Head of State the government lacked legitimacy.
        • Lambert managed to hold off a Royalist rebellion and the installation of the Rump but his troops dispersed when Monck started his march from Scotland.


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