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After Oliver...
THE INTERREGNUM 1658-1660…read more

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Cromwell dies
Cromwell delayed nominating his son
Richard as Lord Protector until the
morning of his death.
He had been given the power to choose
a successor by the Humble Petition &
Advice (written constitution adopted in
May 1657)…read more

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Why choose Richard?
Who me?
1) positive association with Oliver
2) There were no other suitable
candidates…read more

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Other possibilities...
·Vane, St John, Haselrig.
·All men with political experience, but
they were too critical of the power of the
protector and they had little standing with
the army…read more

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Other possibilities...
Charles Fleetwood (Richards bro -in -
law, Oliver's son -in ­law.
Army leader, therefore a possibility, but
he appeared too ambitious for power.
I'm power hungry nom nom nom!…read more

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Restore the monarchy then?
There appears to be little talk of this
Cromwell's spies uncovered and dealt
with conspiracy against them in Spring
Edward Hyde notes 1658 `The King's
condition never appeared so hopeless'
Coward: This shows there was no
widespread enthusiasm for the return of
the Stuarts…read more

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