The Interregnum 1649-1660

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  • The Interregnum 1649-1660
    • Key Figures
      • Oliver Cromwell was Lord Prtector. He was a Puritan and strongly believed in Liberty of Conscience
      • John Lambert was one of Cromwell's chief advisors. He also wanted Cromwell to take the title of King in the Humble Petition
      • Richard Cromwell was the son of Oliver Cromwell and the second Lord Protector
        • poor leader
        • Puppet to the army
    • Timeline
      • 1649-monarcy abolished Rump take over
        • 1653-Rump abolished and Parliament of Saints created
          • 1653-Parliament of Saints abolished and Cromwell becomes LP
            • 1658-Oliver dies Richard becomes LP
              • 1659-Richard resigns
                • 1660-Restoration
    • Dealing with Royalists
      • Instalation of MajorGenerals
        • Paid for by decemation tax on Royalists
    • Drifting towards Monarchy
      • Similar to Monarchy
        • King in all but name-Starkey
        • Crest
        • Line of Succession
        • Humble Petition and I of G-what CI was offered after civil was
        • De facto powers
      • Second Protectorate wanted a more traditional government
      • During Richards reign people thought protectorate would only work under Oliver
    • Religion
      • liberty of conscience for protestants
      • Jews allowed back in
      • Rise of new religous groups
      • Catholicism banned
      • Naylor and Biddle Cases
        • James Naylor-rode into Bristol like Jesus on palm sunday ended up on the pillory and a B burned on his head
          • Not too harsh but not to leniant


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