Researching the Mass Media

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  • Researching the Mass Media
    • Content Analysis
      • Used to analyse the content of media products such as newspapers or magazines
      • Often used to quantify a particular aspect of media content by counting or measuring it
        • Lobban (1974) and Best (1993) used content analysis to examine gender representations in childrens reading by counting the numbers appearing in particular categories, e.g. heroines and heroes
      • The meaning of the content to the audience is not explored (so it doesn't tell us how the audience was effected by the content)
    • Semiology
      • Analysing the meaning of signs and codes within their cultrural context
        • These signs can be found in written texts and visual representations in the media
      • Some sociologists use semiotic analysis to uncover what they believe to be ideological messages
      • The analysis relies greatly on the researchers interpretation of the content
        • Therefore it lacks reliability
    • Experiments
      • Sociologists tend to favour field experiments
        • These occur in a more natural environment where natural behaviour is observed
      • Field experiments are more likely to be found in studies on media influence where variables might be manipulated to examine their influence
      • There are ethical concernt about possible effects on participants
        • Artifical environments means the validity of results are questioned
        • The Hawthorne Effect


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