Post-modernist approach to the media

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  • Postmodernist
    • Participatory Culture
      • Jenkins
        • Sites like blogs allow authors to challenge the meta-narratives with the mainstream news empowering consumers
      • They argue that globalisation has led to us being media saturated
        • we are led to looking at the world as having produced a more participatory culture
      • Fuchs
        • it is the involvement of the users, consumers, fans and audiences in the creation of culture and content
      • Shirky
        • Global social media like Facebook has resulted in 'wiring of humanity
          • We are all hooked up together creating a global resource
    • Intro
      • The mass media have helped change society to be post-modern, leading it to be media saturated
      • The media and popular culture that post modern societies generate shape our identities and lifestyles
        • Much more than traditional influences cut as fails, community, class and ethnicity
    • Strinati
      • The media has change and shaped our consumption patterns making us aware of the diversity of choice that exist
      • The different between high and popular culture is blurred leading to moe consumer choice
    • Criticims
      • It greatly overestimates the degrees of social change brought about by global media
        • Research suggests that things like family influence peoples values more than the media
      • They ignore the fact that some people don't have access to the internet
        • so they can't make consumption choices


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