Media Representations on Age

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  • Representations of Age
    • Youth
      • Rebellious
      • Selfish
      • Trouble-Makers
      • Fuelled by drugs and alcohol
      • 2005 Analysis of local and national press - 57% Negative 12% positive
        • 40% of articles about young people focused crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour
      • White et al (2012) - more than 40% of young people were dissatisfied with the way they were portrayed
      • Cohen (2002 - young people are easy to blame for all of societies problems)
        • Young African--Caribbean males are used as scapegoats to unify society
          • FOLK DEVILS
            • Individuals posing an exaggerated threat to society
          • Using moral panic to create a common enemy for society to unite over
      • Young People are major users of new media so media stereotyping can be combated by citizen journalism
      • As new media users are a growing audience, media organisations may over time change their traditional media stereotypes
    • Headliners - a journalism site monitored national newspaper output for one week - found seven stereotypes
      • Children
        • Victims
        • Cute
        • Little Devils / Evil
        • Accessories
          • Enhance celebrity parents image
        • Little Angels
          • Those with a terrible illness / disability and are smiling
        • Headliners
        • Kid's these days
    • Elderly
      • Cuddy and Fiske (2004) - In the USA, TV portrayed just 1.5% of it's characters as elderly
        • With most in minor roles
      • Biggs (1993) - In the UK, TV  presented old people as being forgetful and difficult
      • Ill-Health
      • Forgetful
      • Anti-Social
      • Not interested in sex
      • Stubborn
      • Grumpy
      • White et al. (2012)
        • Older viewers thought they tended to be stereotyped
          • Incapacity
          • Reluctance to get with the timed
          • Tendency to complain
        • Old people find their stereotypes offensive
          • And that there was a lack of representation
      • Szmigin and Carrigan (2000)
        • 19 London advertising agencies were wary of using models that they consider to alienate younger audiences
          • HOWEVER
            • Grey Pound- Growing number of old people with money to spend
              • Therefore more positive images should appear in the market to appeal to them
                • Dove Pro-Age campaign marketing beauty products to old people


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