PIL Age Representations

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  • Negative
    • Polarising media representati-ons of young people
      • Brake (1985)  - dominantly portrayed as delinquent or alternatively as 'respectable'
      • Wayne et al (2007) -  content analysis of UK news
        • 80% of channels focused on teenager's criminal behaviour
        • Symbolic annihilation
          • 1% of opinions featured across all news items were of young people; creates one-dimensional view
    • Moral panics and folk devils
    • Stereotypical represenation-s of elderly
      • Lasch (1979) - Marxist perspective
        • Elderly out of touch and useless to capitalism - can't work, little disposable income
    • Under-representation of elderly
      • Szmigin and Carrigan (2000) - representation in advertising
        • Neglected in ads for clothing, cosmetics; featured prominently in ads for food and drink, financial services
      • Age Concern (2000) - 65+'s account for 21% of population and 7% of media content


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