A Level - RS - Religious Compatibility with Virtue Ethics

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  • Religious Compatibility with Virtue Ethics
    • Jesus is regarded by Christians as the perfect example of a virtuous person
      • his teachings offer a virtuous ethical system
        • "My command is this;love each other as i have loved you." - John 15:12
    • Mel Thompson
      • VE and Natural Law are both based on the fundamental understand-ing of the nature of humankind
        • Share the same view of what constitutes 'good life'
          • therefore is possible to see them as two aspects of a single moral argument
      • terminology has changed a bit since Aristotle's time
        • Happiness = human flourishing
          • arguably religion does have views about our purpose of life on earth.
    • Mahayana Buddhists, meaning greater Vehicle, claim to be the most compassionate
      • as they help others to achieve enlightenment
        • Bears some resemblance to the role of philosophers and role models to achieving eudaimonia in Aristotle's VT
    • Cardinal Virtues have been adopted into religious theology
      • to oppose the ethical system of the 7 vices or the seven deadly sins.
        • Example Natural Law uses Cardinal Virtues


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