A Level - RS - Intellectual and Moral Virtues Part 1

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  • Aristotle said that the key concepts for virtue ethics are -
    • 'Arete' - virtue or moral excellence
    • 'Phronesis' - moral and practical wisdom
    • Intellectual and Moral Virtues Part 1
      • He said there were two types - moral and intellectual which together would produce the necessary 'excellencies of character' for a good or virtuous person.
        • These excellencies are:
          • - Being of 'great soul'
          • - Being Just and Fair
          • - Having practical wisdom in leadership
          • - Being a good friend
          • - Having the nobility of a gentleman
      • The key to happiness was to be guided by reason and follow the sensible reasoning of others
        • this leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to happiness
          • a person does this because they are fulfilling their purpose as a rational soul
            • virtues function as a way as safeguarding human relationships such as friendships
              • without which a person cannot find true happiness
      • Reason was the quality which separated humanity from everything else
        • Humans highest functioning must include reason
          • "the function of man is activity of soul in accordance with reason"
        • in order to find true goodness, people might seek the highest level of thinking
          • "We should not follow popular advice and, being human, have only moral thoughts, but should become immortal and do everything towards living the best in us."


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