A Level - RS - Strengths of Virtue Ethics Part 2

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  • Strengths of Virtue Ethics Part 2
    • Virtue Ethics is concerned with all of society
      • Eudaimonia - is community focused and not focused entirely on the individual and their happiness
        • Aristotle said "man is a political and social animals"
      • Ari - "While it is desirable to secure what is good in the case of an individual..."
        • "..to do so in the case of a people or state is something finer and more sublime"
    • The Virtues could been seen as absolutes and enhances and safeguards society in all times
      • Nassbaum
        • interprets Aristotle's virtues as absolutes
          • she claims that justice, temperance, generosity etc.
            • are given sufficient priority as essential elements of human flourishing
              • Across all society and throughout time.
    • VE leaves aside the dangerous religious ideology of other ethical theories
      • Richard Taylor in Virtue Ethics
        • Argued that a system of morality which is based on divine command can discourage people from achieving their potential.
          • Christianity places too much emphasis on human equality and does not encourage individual to strive to be virtuous


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