A Level - RS - Virtue Ethics Non-compatibility with Religion

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  • Virtue Ethics - Non-compatibility with Religion
    • Richard Taylor in 'Virtue Ethics'
      • Argued that a system of morality based on divine commands can discourage people from wanting to achieve their potential.
        • He claimed that Christianity places too much emphasis on human equality
          • does not encourage individuals to strive to be virtuous.
    • Virtue Ethics is not interested in keeping God's commands , eternal laws or absolutist codes
      • Such as the Ten Command-ments (Exodus 20)
    • No reference is made in VE to God or wanting to do God's will
      • You simply aim for the supreme good
        • His Theory is a secular one.
          • Many religions believe you get closer to or reach your ultimate goal beyond this earthly life
            • Whereas VE does not entertain the idea of continuing growth after death or of a telo beyond this world
    • VE is a moral theory that many religions would not sacrifice their rules to follow
      • The ambiguous nature goes against many of religion's claims to absolute authority and their absolutist authority
        • Such as the Ten Command-ments (Exodus 20)
    • jesus agrees that there is more to moral living that actions or vlindly following duties
      • Matt 23 Jesus criticises  religious leaders saying;
        • "So practice and obey whatever they tell you, but don't follow their example. For they don't practice what they teach"


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