Religion, Revelation and Reason

This is a mindmap of religion, revelation and reason. enjoy this covers parts a-e :) all the parts needed in an exam!

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  • Religion, Revelation and Reason
    • a) Revelation means: unveiling
    • c) the bible is made up of:
      • letters
      • Gospels
      • 66 books
    • d) why the bible is so important to christians
      • made up of :
        • old testament
        • new testament
          • writings of early christians
            • Fundamentalists:
              • Believe EVERY WORD OF THE BIBLE
            • Conservatives
              • Inspired by God
            • Liberal:
              • can be interpreted as they wish e.g symbolises something
        • 66 books
      • sacred text
        • private worship
        • public worship
        • meditation
        • Try to understand the bible and live their lives accoring to the teachings
    • e)  People  who believe that they have had a religious experience are fooling themselves
      • For:
        • Two types of revelation, special and general. Why should God choose selectively for them to have either special or general experience
        • Christians are going to say that they have had a religious experience because they are believers, for non-believer there's no evidence they will say it is just a coincidence
        • science
          • proves things  e.g how the world was formed
          • Show that miracles were down to medicine or an illusion
          • Miracles can happen just by chance
            • "For i know the plans i have for you" Jeremiah 29 v 11 If everything is planned this would be going against God's plans as everything is planned.
        • Nothing can be proved once its happened to yourself no-one else can see it. Religious experiences  could be a dream
      • Against:
        • science tells us how and religion tells up why
        • Don't have to have evidence, just have to feel it
        • Religious experiences are meant to be indiviual and  something special between you and God, that's why it cant be proven
        • God revels himself to different individual in a different way. For one person it may be through the bible and another person  through tongues
        • God wants to show to people that he is real and he chooses to revel himself through revelation.
        • No-one knows for sure if God exist but there are lots of clues to make up that he does exists. Religious experiences are just one form to prove that God exists.
        • You have to have faith to believe
        • One example is Saul changing to Paul. Saul hated Christians and persecuted them. One day he became blind from a bright light, later he regained his sight. believed in god an was a big influence on Christians after he changed his name to Paul as he had become a different man. this is a wonderful example of a religious experience in action
      • personal:
        • my  personal is a Christian view that it doesn't need to be proven it's between God and yourself.
        • Add up the stronger and weaker points. which ones are more important? are they more believable?


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