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Islamic beliefs of God and evil

Muslims believe in Tawhid meaning ‘oneness’.

Tawhid is the idea that there is only one God (monotheism). So according to Muslims, Allah:

  • has no partners
  • is omniscient (knows all things)
  • is omnipotent (can do anything, is all-powerful)
  • is the one God of all time and all humankind

There are two types of evil:

  • natural evil - suffering caused by events that have nothing to do with humans, and which are to do with the way the world is, eg, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods or earthquakes
  • moral (or human) evil - suffering caused by humans acting in a way that is considered morally wrong eg, bullying, murder, ****, theft or terrorism
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Islam- Good, evil and revelation

Everyone is born with a natural instinct to understand the difference between right and wrong (fitrah). They also have free will, and they must choose between right (the guidance of Allah) and wrong (following the temptations of Shaytan, the devil).

Revelation is a way of revealing the 'truth' of that religion.

There are two types of revelation:

  • General revelation is indirect, and available to everyone. Some truths about God can be revealed through reason, conscience, the natural world, or moral sense.
  • Special revelation is direct revelation to an individual or a group. This sort of revelation includes dreams, visions, experience and prophecy.
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