Eithics one: Religion and medical eithics: Fertility treatment

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  • Religion and medical eithics: Fertility Treatment
    • What is it?
      • Assisting contraception
        • Artifical insemination.
        • Doner eggs/sperm or both.
        • Surrogate mothers
        • IVF (In vitro fretilisation)
    • The Law
      • Fertility treatment is legal but strict laws are surrounding the anonymity of doners.
      • Paid surrogacy is not legal in the UK
    • Controversial because...
      • Does/should the donor have the rights?
      • Is it right to interfere with nature?
      • Is it right that we can pay for life?
      • Should the child have the right to trace doners?
    • Christian attitudes...
      • Roman Catholic
        • No
        • It interferes with Gods plan- natural law
      • Other christian groups
        • Often accept fertility treatment as it brings about a much wanted new life.
      • Other issues
        • What happens to spare embryos. (If life begins at conception).
        • Is the use of a doner egg/sperm the same as adultery?
        • Some object to treatment for same sex couples.
        • What about the embryos being used for research?
    • Yes. Aims to reduce suffering and Jesus was a healer.
    • No. Natural law does embryo have human rights?


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