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Medical eithics…read more

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Medical ethics is the debate between
current scientific methods and morality/
This PowerPoint is for Christianity
Medical ethics covers :
Fertility treatments
Animal experiments…read more

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Abortion- the law
Abortion is when an unborn baby or foetus is
terminated medically
The law states this is only legal until the foetus is 24
weeks old as that is the age doctors can expect to
keep it alive. This is also known as the point of
For a legal abortion to take place two doctors must
agree it fits the criteria of either-
Is mal-formed
Endangering the mother during birth
Was conceived as a result of rape
The mother is not fit to look after the baby…read more

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Abortion- The roman catholic
Believe in the sancity of life which is Human life
is given by god and therefore is sacred
They think life begins at conception ( when
sperm fertilizes egg) and because of this
abortion is destroying human life and so the
same as murder
Unborn children deserve the same rights as
everyone else
Rape- not a valid reason for an abortion
because a child should not pay for someone
elses sin…read more

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Abortion- The roman catholic
church 2
Various declarations from the church have
declared abortion as a serious sin
that no one has the right to decide a person
who is not born future…read more

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Abortion- the church of
Abortion is evil but can be justified if:
The mothers physical or mental health is
The baby will be deformed and the mother
cannot cope
They believe the life of the mother is more
important than the life of the foetuses…read more

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