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Sanctity of Life

Medical Ethics

Sanctity of Life - means the quality of being sacred or holy.

Humans are made in the image of God and are therefore special to God. Christians believe there is something specail or holy about the human life.

Bible Quotes - 'So God created people in his own image'

Genesis Chapter 1

'There is a time for everything...a time to be born and a time to die'

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

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Churches Views - Abortion

Medical Ethics

Catholics - Are completely against abortion under any circumstance, however are in agreement with the 'double effect'.

Bible Quotes- 'Thou shall not kill'

'It is God who appoints when we die'

Other Christians- Most other Christians belive abortion is OK is most circumstance, for example if the mother's life is in danger, or the baby will not survive when exiting the womb.

Bible Quotes- 'Love thy neighbour'

The Double Effect- If the mothers life is in danger, the medication which saves the mothers life kills the baby.

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For and Against - Abortion

Medical Ethics

For- Pregnancies which mean the child will be born into a poor quality of life can be terminated which will mean both the parents and the child will avoid a serious reduction in the quality of life.

If the mother doesn't love the baby enought to care for it, the baby could become neglected and die or worse causes then if it were terminated in early pregnancy.

If the mother is young then she may not be ready to have then child.

Against- The baby is a living human being and killing it would be equal to murder.

It is un-ethical to terminate a baby after it's pain receptors had developed and it's appearence it close to that of a human.

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For and Against - Euthanasia

Medical Ethics

For - If someone is so severely disabled that they cannot bare to live anymore it gives them and way out from physical pain and emotional pain from needing constant care which can de-humanise.

If loved ones can no longer afford to look after a disabled and cannot do it themselves then they may think that they can't go on looking after someone so severly disabled.

Against- Killing a person is still murder and is seen to be unethical by many people due to this.

Some people are so severely diabled they can't communicate which means they can't tell people they want to die. Some may say this is murder.

The Double Effect- In hospices people can be given pain killing drugs which shorten there lives but not kill them.

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Churches Views - Euthanasia

Medical Ethics

Catholics - Believe that Euthanasia is wrong in all circumstances, they feel that we are made in Gods image so killing someone is an insult to God. They belive it is a sin.

Bible Quotes - 'Thou shall not kill'

'It is God who appoints when we die'

Most other Christians - Believe that Euthanasis is a sin in MOST circumstances especially when the patient is unable to communicate. However, the do believe that the double effect is the right way to solve this problem

Bible Quotes - 'Love thy neighbour'

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For and Against - Fertility Treatment

Medical Eithics

For- It helps infertile couples have babies which they have been trying for and wil bring into a loving life.

Can make sure that babies which are produce have no disablity or added risk to the mother during child birth.

Gender selection means that the couple can choose what sex their child is.

Against - Some belive it is unethical to choose who lives and who dies and embryo screening (to scan for disablity) can throw away unwanted eggs.

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Catholics allow an abortion if the mother has been *****

other than that it is good

harvey lowe



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