Religion and Medical Ethics- Islam

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  • Religion and Medical Ethics
    • Abortion
      • when a foetus is removed prematurely from the womb before it is able to survive
      • It can take place legally in the UK until the 24th week of pregnancy
        • 2 doctors have to agree it is required
          • consider- quality of life of woman, unborn child and any other children
      • Is not welcomes, however there are some circumstances which it is permissible
        • 'do not kill your children'
      • fully human when it receives a soul at 40-120 days of conception
        • allow abortion if there is a serious reason
          • serious illness
          • pregnancy result of ****
      • lawful if the mother's life is in danger- loss of the unborn child is seen as lesser evil
    • Fertility Treatment
      • Artificial Insemination by Husband- husband's sperm injected into wife's womb
        • accepted
      • Artificial Insemination by Donor- sperm from a sperm bank is used
        • sin comparable to adultery
        • concerns about diseases
      • In Vitro Fertilisation- eggs fertilised in a test tube and implanted in the mother's womb
        • accepted as long as egg is from the wife and sperm is from the husband
      • Egg donation- egg from a different woman is used
        • Shi'ite Muslims allow this as long as the donor is a Muslim woman
      • Cloning- a possible future technique for creating children genetically identical to one parent
        • wrong because it tries to take over Allah's role of creation
        • okay if it took place within marriage- it would rely on Allah's will for it to be successful
    • Euthanasia and Suicide
      • killing someone painlessly to relieve suffering from an incurable illlness
        • illegal in the UK
      • Voluntary- person actively requests assistance to die
      • Non- voluntary- patient is unable to make the request so someone else does it for them
      • Suicide- when someone takes their own life
      • Assisted suicide- when a doctor provides someone with the means to end their own life
      • Dignity in Dying- want it legalised
      • Our lives are sacred
        • only Allah can decide when a life may end or begin
      • Allah has a plan for every living person- we do not have the right to interfere
        • life is a test, if suffering we should turn to Allah and pray and 'patiently persevere'
      • Terminal illness- no hope, can stop unnecessary treatment
        • life support can be switched off if there is no hope of recovery
    • Using Animals in Medical Research
      • Khalifa- Trustee
        • we are responsible for the Earth
      • Cruelty to animals is forbidden
        • answer of Day of Judgement for any ill-treatment of animals
      • believe in demonstrating mercy and compassion for animals
      • only allow animal testing if it is done to produce genuine medical advances
        • the animals should be treated humanely
        • no unnecessary pain should be inflicted upon them


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