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Religion and Medical
Abortion ­ Fertility Treatment ­ Euthanasia and Suicide ­ Treatment of Animals…read more

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*Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by medical intervention.
In the UK abortion is legal up until a woman reaches 24 weeks of pregnancy,
and two doctors must agree to the abortion.
General thoughts on abortion:
· "Pro choice" argument says that a woman has the right to choose what
happens to her body and that abortion should be the woman's choice.
· Some people consider abortion taking a life. These same people may
accept that in certain circumstances abortion is the right choice (e.g.. If
the mother or child's health is at risk).
· Some people are unsure about whether we should consider a foetus as a
person or as a potential person.…read more

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Abortion in Islam
Many Muslims don't welcome abortion but it is still allowed in some
circumstances according to the Sharia laws.
"And do not kill your children...Indeed their killing is ever a great sin."
Muslims don't consider a foetus as a human until it receives a soul, which is
after 120 days of conception. They still consider the foetus as being alive
during this time.
Some Muslims allow abortion before 120 days of conception in certain
circumstances (e.g. if the foetus carries a fatal illness).
Some Muslims allow abortion if the mothers life is in danger because its
considered the "lesser of two evils", the Sharia laws outline that we should
always opt for the lesser of two evils in situations like these.…read more

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Abortion in Islam...
Other Muslims would strongly believe that abortion is wrong in all
"Do not take life ­ which Allah has made sacred"
Some Muslim women argue that they should be allowed to do whatever they
want to their bodies.…read more

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Other Views on Abortion
· The "sanctity of life" argument says that all life comes from God and that
the only person that should take life is God, and so abortion is wrong.
· Quakers argue that the life of a foetus cannot be put over the life of a
woman, and would accept abortion in some situations.
· Some people consider abortion as murder.
· The right to control ones body is a key moral right, and a woman should
be allowed to choose what happens to her body, and so abortion is okay
if it's the woman's choice.
· It allows us to get rid of pregnancies that may be difficult; say the
pregnancy's a result of rape or the child has a fatal illness.…read more

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Fertility Treatment
The following fertility treatments can be used to help people struggling to
have children:
· IVF (In vitro fertilisation) ­ When a woman's eggs are fertilised in a test
tube and some are implanted into the mothers womb.
· AIH (Artificial insemination by husband) ­ When sperm from the husband
is injected into the wife's womb.
· AID (Artificial insemination by donor) ­ When sperm from a sperm
bank/donor is used to fertilise an egg.
· Egg Donation ­ When an egg from different woman is used .
· Cloning ­ A possible future technique for creating children genetically
identical to one parent.…read more

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