Religion and Medical Ethics

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Religion and Medical Ethics

abortion deliberate termination of a pregnancy by removal and dstruction of the foetus

clone an indicidual organism or cell produced asexually from one ancestor to which they are genetically identical

embryo a foetus before it is 4 months old

euthanasia when someone is helped to die without pain before they would have died naturally

fertility treatment medical treatment to help a woman become pregnant

genetic engineering the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material

medical ethics questions of morality that are raised by medical situations

sacred/santity holy, having something of God or the divine

sanctity of life the belieff that all life is given by God and is therefore sacred

suicide deliberately ending one's own life


  • take place up to 24 weeks ---> social reasons; money, physical health, mentally unstable
  • take plae after 24 weeks ---> foetus is seriously ill, mother's life is in danger
  • two doctors must agree to abortion
  • After 28 weeks ---> abortion is no longer an option
  • Catholics ---> abortion is murder; 'Before you were formed I knew you'
  • Protestants ---> abortion may be the best way; God is forgiving

Fertility treatment

  • given


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