Religion, Humanism, Arts and Learning - The Tudors (AS)

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  • Religion, Humanism, Arts and Learning
    • Renaissance
      • Cultural 'rebirth'.
      • Took a more literary form in England - Humanism.
        • Restricted to the educated/ upper class due to literary constrictions.
      • Erasmus
        • Attacking corruption of the Church.
        • 'On the Freedom of the Will'
        • Religious toleration.
    • Anticlericalism
      • Steadily grew in the late 15th Century.
      • Opposed by Henry VII
        • The Church became an important ally.
          • Helped to secure his position.
            • Taught that is was a sin to oppose or rebel against Henry.
    • Heresy
    • Printing Press
      • From Germany in 1476.
      • Translations from French and Latin.
      • Consequen-ces
        • Standardisation of the English language.
        • The circulation of radical ideas.
        • The spread of propaganda.
          • Henry VII v Richard III
    • Religion played a central role in the lives of the vast majority.
    • Parish Church was the focal point of village life.
    • Part of their routine of life.




Really helped me to understand the key ideas behind humanism, thanks! :)

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