Reasons for the growth of the British Empire.

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  • Reasons for the growth of the British Empire.
    • Why did britain expand to the americas?
      • By expanding the empire they got goods such as sugar,furs,coffee and coconuts.
      • They now had a great trade all around the world.
      • The land the americas had to offer would make them look more powerful!
      • They wanted to get a revenue from trade.
    • The old colonial system
      • 1759 to mid 19th century- the purpose to build an empire to improve trade.
      • Britain set up colonies in the Americas and Asia to obtain goods such as sugar and tobacco which gave them a trade advantage over their european rivals.
      • Colonies and possessions were protected by the presence of British forces.
    • Early empire builders
      • East India Company that initially built up trading posts throughout the world.
      • EIC was given a charter  by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600 to trade in the East
      • Aim- to gain land and seize control of raw materials. (MONOPOLY in raw materials it was trading)
      • Known as Mercantilism.


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