causes of ww1

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  • Balkans War (short term)
  • the Austro-Hungarian empire was keen to influence Balkan regions.
  • Russians had an interest-they saw themselves as the protectors of serbia.
  • 1908-the Austrians formally annexed Bosnia-Herzogovina. Serbs and Russians were furious, but neither had the power to do anything.
  • 1912-1913 the Balkan War saw Serbia as victor.
  • The tension between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and serbia ineivitably ended in war.


Alliances in Europe(long term)

  • The Triple Alliance:-
  • formed in 1882 between Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy.
  • Countries agreed to help each other if attacked by another power.
  • The triple Entente:-
  • started as an alliance formed in 1894 between France and Russia.
  • 1904-Britain signed the Entente Cordial with France to resolve colonial differences.
  • 1907-Britain reached agreement with Russia.
  • Entente cordial became Triple Entente.

Arms Race (short term)

  • Between Britain and Germany.
  • 1898-1900-German laws passed, provided for the construction of a fleet of ships to rival the Royal Navy.
  • Britain built the dreadnought in response to the laws.
  • 1906-1914, The…


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