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  • R.E quotes
    • "do not harm yourselves or others"
      • Ensoulment- 120 days
      • Lesser Jihad- just war theory, physical struggle or war
        • Greater Jihad- Struggles within self.
    • "thou shall not kill"
      • Story of the Good samaritan
    • "Every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim."
      • Islam
    • "love thy neighbour"
      • "made in the image of God"
        • The causation argument
        • Christianity
    • "Take not life- Which God has made Sacred- Except for just cause."
    • "thou shall not commit adultery"
      • "honour you Father and Mother."
        • The design argument (Paley's watch)
      • Parable of the sheep and goat
    • The Golden rule: " do to others what you would have them do to you."
    • "no one dies unless Allah permits it."
      • Al Jannah- heaven
        • Jahanam -Hell
        • Akhairah- Life after death
    • "all Allah's creatures are his family."


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