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People trust what they trust in print, books
accepted as best authority for years
Inspired by God-has his authority, some think
it literally contains his words & should be
followed exactly
others feel it should be interpreted for today's
society because it was written hundreds of
years ago
It's easily available to read
Large book-sometimes too complicated to
May not find an example of every moral
question…read more

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Draws on many years of experience and tradition,
keeps Christians united
Some people prefer seeking help from professional
clergy, some think God speaks directly via
priests/their training & special relationship with
God means they can reliably interpret scriptures
Some regard Church as Body of Christ alive in
world today, so has same authority as Jesus
Clear guidance is given on moral issues
Negatives: some might not have easy access to
clergy/may disagree with Church ruling…read more

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Christians believe it's inner part given to us by
God for guidance
Advantages: everyone has one, universal
agreement on right & wrong, easy to consult
Disadvantages: some people's conscience may
lead them astray e.g. Peter Sutcliffe Yorkshire
Ripper claimed his conscience told him to
murder women, some issues too complicated
to be sure what your conscience is saying,
helpful to have another's viewpoint…read more

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Idea that you should base moral decisions on what
is most loving thing to do
Advantages: simple to apply, takes into account all
aspects of a situation, Joseph Fletcher (Christian
philosopher) said `morality of an action depends
on the situation.' Follows Jesus' teachings e.g.
Golden Rule & in Gospel story Jesus said that was
2nd most important commandment, after loving
Negatives: people may disagree on what is most
loving thing, some moral dilemmas too
complicated for this, can be too time consuming to
weigh up options, relying on 1 person's
assessment of a situation ignores words of God,
Church has wealth of teachings, far more than 1
person could have…read more

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Some people choose 1 authority that they
always use which they believe gives them
clear, reliable guidance they think is right. It
removes the worry and responsibility about
what to do
Others use various methods, moral dilemmas
often complicated so may require various
approaches, not regarded as a weakness
because all authorities rely on God for ultimate
authority. Many view this as merely seeking
God's guidance is most accessible form at that
particular moment…read more

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