Life after death, Ultimate questions

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  • R-S
    • Ultimate Questions
      • What it the meaning of life
      • Is there a God?
      • Why are they important to people?
        • The are the answer to religions and beliefs, Biggest questions of all time, the questions that people have never been able to answer
      • Is there life after death
      • Who made the universe?
    • Life after Death
      • For
        • If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then why would all of these martyrs be so prepared to die for him?
          • Why would his diciples have overcome their fears of being arrested and spread the word of jesus had he not risen from the dead, to give them such faith in him?
      • Against
        • In order to be resurrected, and to exist out side of the body one would need a soul.
          • A soul is actually a greek idea, which was introduced into christianity long after the life of Jesus. So therefore, these stories must be made up
          • There is no evidence that a soul exists, as it can not be seen, felt or proven. Therefore, why must we believe that it does?
            • Just as there is no evidence for heaven or hell
      • To conclude people are generally afraid of dying. People may just make up these stories to reassure people that death is okay, or maybe just to convert them to their own religion


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