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Unit 3-Jesus Suffering, death and Resurrection
What the syllabus says...
Describe and understand the significance for Christians,
Jesus and disciples of following events
· Entry into Jerusalem
· Anointing at Bethany
· Last Supper
· Jesus is Gethsemane
· Sanhedrin Trial and Trial before Pilate
· Crucifixion and burial
· The empty tomb and Resurrection appearances
· Importance of Resurrection Christians
· Debate about ending of the gospel…read more

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The entry into Jerusalem
· Jesus knows the colt will be in the village, shows a
messianic quality, the disciples do what he asks and do not
question him, shows obedience.
· Jesus rides into Jerusalem like a king would, but rides in
on colt, shows not typical, rich king, he is humble.
· Lay cloaks over colt and on road, shows people respect
Jesus, wave palms and welcome him like he is a great king
returning victorious from battle.
· "Hosanna"-save us. Want to be saved from Romans, show
don't understand Jesus role, He is not there to liberate
Jews from Romans. Ref. to King David shows they believe
Him to be great king like David was.
· Messianic Secret revealed during this story.…read more

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Sanhedrin's Dilemma, anointing at
Bethany and arrangements for betrayal...
· The dilemma was that the Sanhedrin needed to arrest
Jesus when he was on his own and not surrounded by a
great crowd as this could cause a riot. Jerusalem was
very busy at the time due to Passover.
· When Judas comes to them and offers to betray
Jesus Mark describes them as "delighted". Judas was
close to Jesus and could tell them when he was alone.
Mark says they promised Judas money in return for
Jesus.…read more

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Why, Judas? Why?
· Greed? The Sanhedrin promised him money.
· Scared that his life was in danger, Jesus had told the
disciples to "take up their cross."
· Disillusioned. He had followed Jesus faithfully in the
belief that he would liberate the Jews from the
Romans, as time passed and Jesus spoke more of his
death it became clear to Judas that was not Jesus'
intention. He was a Zealot-a militant group that
wanted to rid Palestine of the Romans and be
· Tried to force Jesus to act, possible that he did not
truly believe that Jesus would sacrifice his life.…read more

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The anointing at Bethany
· Guests would have been anointed when they entered people's
houses to welcome and refresh them.
· Men are annoyed the woman has anointed Jesus, shows low
status of Jewish women-they humiliate her.
· Reference to giving money to poor show they understand Jesus
message of love and compassion, but don't show this attitude to
the woman.
· However, Jesus recognises her generous act and says she is
preparing Him for death-shows his death is imminent.
· Story suggests the important role women will play in early
· Links to title Messiah-means "anointed one" or "chosen one".
· Christians are anointed at baptism/confirmation/ordination to
show they are also "chosen" to do special job.…read more

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The Last Supper...
· (Preparation for Passover)- Jesus tells two of the
disciples to meet a man with a water jar and follow him to
a house (Mark's mum). Maybe didn't want to say exactly
where Last Supper was being held with Judas being there.
· (Prediction of betrayal)- Disciples are devastated with
Jesus prediction. Peter goes on to promise he will never
abandon him even if he has to die with him. "The Son of
Man will go just as it is written"- Jesus suggests it is part
of God's plan for Him (Divine Must). BUT-Judas does not
need to be the person who betrays him, "better if he had
not been born", harsh words-perhaps trying to encourage
Judas not to go through with his plan.…read more

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