What's the definition of death?
The end of life, when the brain stops functioning
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What's the definition of resurrection?
Rising from the dead, returning to life
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What's the definition of reincarnation?
Being born again many times in another form
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What's the definition of karma?
Rewards for good and bad actions
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What's the definition of a soul?
The spiritual part of humans that will live on after death
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What's the definition of atman?
The soul, the part of us that is brahman
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What's the definition of heaven?
A state of being with god after death
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What's the definition of hell?
A state of being without God (with the devil) after death
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What's the definition of sanctity of life?
Life is sacred because it's God given
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What's the definition of quality of life?
A measurement of fulfilment
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What's the definition of ahimsa?
Non-harming, non-injury, non-violence, respect for life
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What's the definition of ageism?
Prejudice and discrimination against the elderly
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What's the definition of a generation gap?
Difference in ideas and perceptions between people of different generations.
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What's the definition of euthanasia?
Inducing a painless death by agreement and with compassion to ease suffering (from Greek meaning 'good death')
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What's the definition of hospice ?
A special place where people can die with dignity (hospital for dying)
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What's a life support machine?
A machine that keeps people alive when they would otherwise die
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What's mourning?
A period of time in which signs of grief are shown
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What's the definition of bereaved?
Someone who has lost a love one
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What are living wills?
The right to make wishes known about your own death under certain circumstances
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When does death happen?
When the heart stops beating? When we stop breathing? When our organs pack up? When our brains stop functioning
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What's the medical definition of brain death?
The end of life can be determined in several ways. Forty years ago, of your heart stopped working you would be considered to have died. Now brain stem death seems to be the main factor
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What's the religious definition of the soul leaving?
Religious people believe that life ends when the soul leaves the body to begin the after life, whether that is in heaven or he'll or being reborn or being reincarnated into another body
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What's the evidence for the afterlife?
Ghosts, near death experiences, memories of a past life, spiritual side to life (souls)
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Why do we have funerals?
To remember the dead person, to celebrate the persons life, to say goodbye, show respect
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What do Christians believe the soul is?
The part of the body that lives on after the body has died, the part of human nature that is not just physical.
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How can beliefs about life after death comfort the dying or those who morn?
Death isn't the end it's just a new beginning, removes the fear of death
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What's the Hindu quote for life after death?
'As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones'
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What's the Hindu beliefs about after life?
Reincarnation, their atman (soul) lives through many life times, each one shaped by thoughts, words, and actions of their past lifetime which produces good or bad karma. The goal is to achieve enlightenment and become one with the Ultimate Reality
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What's the Christian quote for life after death?
'I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live and whoever lives and believes in me will never die'
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What's the Christian beliefs about after life?
Physical resurrection of the body. At death the body waits until judgement day, at this day each person faces god to evaluate their deeds and their acceptance or rejection of Jesus and sent to heaven or hell. Catholics also believe in purgatory
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What's Ahisma?
The belief in rebirth, Hindus also believe that all living beings are different forms of god so so everyone should be respected.
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Does the government have the right to end lives?
In cases of legal killing the government has the power to decide to allow one person to kill another person. All religions condemn illegal killing but many believers think that legal killing is sometimes necessary eg. War
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Do doctors have the right to end lives?
Doctors face this question daily, and the situation is more difficult when the person has not made it clear if they would rather die than suffer. However doctors can make the medical decision to switch of life support machines, administer pain relief
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Does the individual have the right to end a life?
Most religions believe only god should choose if someone dies. And if a person takes their life or allows their life to be taken they're sinning against god and at risk of an after life without god or earning a bad karma
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How can people be kept alive?
Life support machines, transplant surgery, medicines
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What are the issues with keeping people alive?
Are we interfering with gods nature? Compassion should be shown to stop suffering and improve quality of life
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Christian and Hindu views of turning off life support machines
Both support turning off life support machines for people who are brain dead, but they recognise that this will be interpreted as taking gods role in life and death. They don't see it as euthanasia and consider advances in medical technology
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What is involuntary euthanasia?
When people decide the patient should die eg- in a coma
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What is voluntary euthanasia?
When someone asks to be given help to die, and makes it clear it's their choice.
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What is passive euthanasia?
When treatment which would've helped the person live longer is stopped
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What is active euthanasia?
When deliberate steps are taken to end someone's life eg.lethal injection
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Arguments for euthanasia
It's a basic human right to choose to die, quality of life is far more important than how long a life is, animals are put down when they're in pain so why can't humans.
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Arguments against euthanasia
It's another form of murder, there is always nope of recovery against the odds, on,u god has the right to end life
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Christian teachings on euthanasia
Most Christians think it's wrong (only god can take a life) euthanasia is murder and goes against the 6th commandment 'do not commit mureder', god has a plan even for suffering and death.
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(Christian)Relative teachings on euthanasia
In certain circumstances it may be the most loving thing to do, people have been given free will and should be able to make their own decisions.
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Hindu teachings on eutanasia
Euthanasia goes against ahimsa (non-violence), speeding up or bringing about another's death is against Hindu teachings . It's a sin and a crime
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Christian quotes for euthanasia
'Love thy neighbour' 'do not commit murder'
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Hindu quotes fir euthanasia
'The one who tries to escape from the trials of life by committing subside will suffer even more in the next life'
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What are the hospice aims?
To relieve pain by providing 'palliative care', help patience face their forthcoming death and support family and friends of the patient.
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What are the problems facing the elderly?
Living in poverty, being undervalued, suffering from illnesses, experiencing loneliness and types of ageism
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What are the benefits of being old?
Have more wisdom and a wider variety of skills, have more time and some elderly people could have a lot of money
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Who should care for the elderly?
Social services (provide from people living at home) families and community options eg. care homes,hospice, residential homes or sheltered accommodation.
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What are the Christian teachings on the elderly?
The elderly should be respected and cared for appropriately ' love one another as I have loved you'
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What are the Hindu teachings towards the elderly?
It's a religious duty (dharma) to care for parents 'let your mother be a god to you. Let your father be a god to you'
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