Quotes and themes: Birdsong - pg.224-240

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  • Bird Song :  Pg 224-240
    • The Noise
      • pg.225: " Shock waves"
        • Faulkes recreates the unbearing noise the men hear through words yet it reflects into a disturbing yet powerful image in the reader's mind: the continuous sounds of the battle through war.
      • pg.232: "scooped soil...shellhole...sun"
        • the hissing is an unpleasant sense, like there's always tension in the air, the soldiers can never feel safe.
    • Man's inhumanity to man
      • pg.225: They could see the earth ripped up in fountains in front of the German trenches".
      • pg.226: "primitive dolls"
        • Soldiers can only move or take action when they are controlled and given orders like dolls. They are dehumanised to dolls since they have no control  over themselves.
        • unstoppable force of nature, men are vulnerable against the power of high commands and the mechanical war.
      • pg.226: "replaced,falling,continuing"
        • Rule of three - stands out more and has more effect on the reader since the words themselves are shocking in this context.
      • pg.228: "scruffy line still staggling on, driven by some slow clockwork purpose into the muder of the guns.
        • how pathetic and vulnerable they look walking towards their death. yet the 'superior position' are unaffected by it, they are still alive and not as psychologically messed up as those soldiers.
      • pg.230:"thes coursed down"
        • he can't help nor protect his 'boys'. It's like a father losing his son.
          • "he kept saying. " oh my poor boys"
        • The brutality that man caused eachother has turned a hard man into achildlike state.
      • pg.230:"theyled,like corn through which the wind is passing.
        • The harvest- mass produced yet not renewable when destroyed just like the youth of tomorrow is gone.
      • pg.233: Wounded me, all round him tried to get up and retreatbut only brought eruptions of machne gun fire"
        • clear example of lan crossing their moral values. War bought the worst out of man.The men were already dead so they used them as target practise.
      • pg.234:"youd be human yet act in a way that was beyond nature
        • he has to find out how far man can be pushed to do something even more cruel against human anture.
    • Suffering
      • pg.225: "Jesus, said Stephen, Jesus,Jesus."
        • Focus of the sentence is "Jesus", Jesus suffered on a cross he died for his people for the world just like the soldiers are dying and fighting for their nation, their motherland. Referring to Jesus because at this moment He has all the strength and could bring hope on this earth again, take them away from their misery.
        • It could also seem like he is calling onto Him as if it's near the end time so he's is giving all power onto God. It builds a dramatic effect because through his panic, he is calling up to higher power that is not man.
      • pg.227: " Their bodies jerked up and down, twisting and jumping."
        • Even in their death, they are still haunted by the horror and inhumane reality of war. Unconditional pain and agony there is no escape.
      • pg.232:"He closed his eyes because he had seen enough.You are going to hell"
        • he's having a breakdown, he's letting the hard wall, that he build, fall down., like he's already living in hell so there's no point for protection.


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