Birdsong Notes- Chapter 3

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Birdsong Notes Chapter 3    (pg 24-30)

Synopsis- Stephen is invited to join Azaire at his factory. However during lunch, Stephen began feeling pale and sick and rushed out of the room. That evening Azaire asks Stephen if he feels alright to which after inquiring, Isabelle outbursts angrily at Azaire surprising everyone. The Berard family come to visit who have also brought Berard’s mother, Aunt Elise- a deeply religious woman. Berard invites the Azaire family and Stephen on a boat trip around the Somme. The next day, Stephen encounters Isabelle cutting the flowers. After small talk regarding Isabelle’s marriage to Azaire and her step-children- Lisette and Gregoire, Stephen out of impulse grabs Isabelle’s hand. He pulls her hand close to his jacket at which point Isabelle nervously asks him to let go, asking Stephen not to humiliate her. Stephen eventually does and Isabelle leaves.  (AO1-context)


“No!” Stephen was trembling. “I won’t go back. I’m sorry”- The use of exclamation marks emphasise Faulk’s use of a rising action in the beginning of the chapter. This increases tension and parallels with the end of the chapter in which tension is also heightened through another rising action.  (AO2-language and structure)

The use of rising actions could symbolise Stephen’s growing love- a dangerous feeling, for Isabelle. (AO2-language)

“For goodness sake Rene” said Madame Azaire “- Isabelle’s sudden outburst and tone of anger through the use of an expression


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