Psychology- Types of LTM

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  • Types of LTM
    • What?
      • Tulving 1985 realsied that msm view of LTM is too simplistic and so proposed it has 3 stores
    • Episodic
      • A long term memory store for personal events. It includes memories of when the events occurred, objects, places and behaviours involved.
      • Memories are time stamped, so we remember when they happen
      • Need to make a conscious effort to recall it
      • eg. first day of school
    • Semantic
      • Contains our knowledge of the world and is less personal than episodic memory as they are shared by everyone
      • Not typically time stamped
      • Start as episodic
      • Require conscious effort to recall them
      • EG. world cup
    • Procedural
      • Our memory of actions or skills
      • Acquired through repetition and practice
      • We can recall these without conscious effort
      • Hard to explain to others
      • EG. How to ride a bike
    • Evaluation
      • Neuroimaging evidence- Evidence from brain scan studies
        • Tulving et al 1994 got their participants to perform simple memory tasks while their brains were scanned. Found episodic and semantic memories were both recalled from the prefrontal-cortex , the left side for semantic and right for episodic
        • Increases internal validity
      • Clinical evidence
        • Case studies of HM and Clive Wearing -- Episodic memory for both was impaired due to amnesia but semantic was unaffected.
      • Real life application-- Belleville et al 2006 demonstrated that episodic memories of older people could be improved who had mild cognitive impairment. The trained participants performed better on episodic tests than control group


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