AQA AS PSYA2 Psychology- Psychoanalysis

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  • Psychoanalysis
    • Dream analysis:
      • Unconscious  is revealed in dreams, therefore dreams can be analysed
    • Free association:
      • Client is free to say whatever comes into their mind, uncensored thoughts reveal underlying conflicts. An interpretation is offered.
    • Projective tasks:
      • This wasn't part of Freud's original techniques, and includes a piece of paper with ink blots on. The client is asked what shape the ink blots make, and particular anxieties may emerge.
    • Aims to cure phobias or anxiety, and facilitate insight into conflicts and anxieties which are the causes of abnormal behaviour.
    • Evaluation
      • Expensive and time consuming
      • Effective for mild neurotic disorders such anxiety, but less so for schizophrenia- Fonagy 2000
      • Figures published by Ensack '52 suggested it was a waste, but when re-analysed by Burgin 2000, there was an 80% success rate.
      • Ethical issues against it e.g. Mason 1988 said all power was in the therapist, which was wrong, and this power could be abused
      • Difficult to measure its effectiveness - transference


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