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  • Proprioception
    • Vestibular System
      • Provide information about forces on the body
      • Types of equilibrium
        • Static equilibrium= detects motion along a line (linear acceleration)
        • Dynamic equilibrium= detects rotational movements, acceleration and deceleration
      • Semicircular canals
        • Detect angular acceleration
        • Filled with endolymph fluid
        • Head movement causes push/pull forces on hair cells
          • Hair cell movement --> action potential
          • Capulla= bundle of hair cells in ampulla
      • Utricle and saccule
        • Macula= sensory epithelium consisting of hair cells
        • When head tilts, gravity displaces membrane and gelatinous layer
      • Detects rotation, pitch and yaw
        • Provide information about forces on the body
      • Synapses with vestibulocochlear nerve (Cranial nerve VIII)


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