Energy resources- Problems and oppertunities

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  • problems and oppertunities
    • Three Gorges Dam
      • facts
        • Yangtze river, 3rd largest in world
        • affects area of over 500km
        • north west of Yichang- now unindated
        • in past 20 years China's eco growth is more than 10% a year
      • oppertunities
        • fully operational will produce 18200 MW of HEP
        • major transport route
        • reduces risk of flooding at lower Yangtze
        • HEP is clean sustainable energy
      • problems
        • resettling indigenous people
        • when Yangtze flooded it took waste dumps, poisoning the river
        • habitat loss due to running water now lake
        • flooding lost cultural sites Eg tombs
        • flooding has lost economic farm land
        • flooding has lost metal ore and coal mines
    • Oil in Niger Delta
      • facts
        • Nigeria is Africa's leading oil producer
        • Shell accounts for Half of the annual oil production
        • 2005, production was 131 million tonnes
      • oppertunities
        • oil is 90% of export value
        • brings companies to the area
        • provides some local jobs such as maintaining area
      • problems
        • most jobs for international skilled people
        • money is leaked to MEDC's
        • pollutes rivers- fishing main trade for natives
        • spills kill other wildlife
        • cost of leaks is $10 million a day
        • fires release poisonous gasses
        • environmental degradation worst in area of Ogoniland


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