Principle of training

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  • Principles of Training
    • Individual Needs
      • Making it specific to yourself or your sport
      • Working on a particular skill or group of muscles
    • Specificity
      • Needs to be specific to the activity.
      • needs to focus on the same type of component of fitness and muscle group.
      • needs to take in to account the individual's physiological and psychological
    • Recovery
      • Without recovery your body will be more prone to injury or illness
      • The time reserved to repair from training or injury
    • Rest
      • The period of time allocated for your body to recover.
      • Without rest your body will be more prone to injury or illness.
    • Reversibility
      • The training effect are reversible.
      • if you do not participate in sport then your fitness will decrease.
    • F.I.T.T
      • Frequency- how often you train.
      • Intensity- the amount of effort we put in.
      • Type- the different method of train that are used to increase effort.
      • Time- the amount of time a session last.
    • Progressive Overload.
      • to gradually increase the amount of exercise
      • Increase the intensity or how often you participate
      • Increases fitness over a period of time.


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