The Principles of Training

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  • The Principles of Training
    • Individual Needs/Differences
      • Matching training to the requirements of an individual.
    • Specificity
      • Matching training to the requirements of an activity.
    • Progressive Overload
      • To gradually increase the amount of overload so that fitness gains occur, but without potential for injury.
    • Rest and Recovery
      • Rest: The period of time allotted to recovery.
      • Recovery: The time required for the repair of damage to the body caused by training or competition.
    • The FITT Principle
      • Used to increase the amount of work the body does, in order to achieve overload.
      • Frequency: Planning how often to train.
      • Intensity: How hard someone trains.
      • Time: How long each training session must last in order to be of any benefit and to achieve improvement.
      • Type: The method(s) of training chosen to achieve a person's particular goals.
    • Reversibility
      • Any adaptation that takes place as a consequence of training will be reversed when you stop training.


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