Post Modernity and Religion

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  • Post Modernity
    • Society has transitioned from a modern to post modern era
    • Lyotard
      • Post modern era sees a decline in metanarrative
        • Examples? Science, Christianity
        • People no longer happy to follow metanarrative
        • Caused many devistating problems e.g. Soviet Union collapsed, Nazi Germany, environment damage from sceince
    • Bauman
      • In modernity people sought universal truth
      • Without norms people have to make own choices
      • Religion and morality is now privatised
      • People still seek guidance through NAMS
        • Society has religious pluralism so can change beliefs often
    • (Beckford) Bauman exaggerates changes, religion is constant throughout history
    • Lyon
      • Jesus in Disneyland Stusy
      • Post modernity links to globalisation
      • Religion has become aspect of consumption
      • Harvest Day Crusade at Disneyland mixes religion with consumer fantasy
    • New Age shows blurring between boundary of religion and pop culture
    • Heelas argues NAM is part of modernity as this is extreme form of individualism


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