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Characteristics of post-modern society
1. ICT
2. Consumerism
3. Movement of people
4. Risk & uncertainty
5. Globalisation…read more

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Lyotard (1984)
· Widespread loss of confidence in meta-narratives
· Meta-narratives = grand explanations / big stories (scientific,
religious, political)
· People are less likely to accept these `absolute truths'
· People are sceptical that science + reason will provide
· Mistrusting of previously authoritative sources :
- Scientists
- Religious clergy
- Politicians…read more

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This is a consequence of the spreading of
· Shows people there are different interpretations of
`reality' and claims on truth
· Societies are exposed to diverse views (religious,
ethnic, political, scientific)
· Post-modern society = knowledge is relative
· No longer 1 single truth
· Multiple truths which are relative to times & places…read more

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Castells (1996)
Modern People's identities are shaped by their
= occupation, gender,
social class & nationality
Post-modern People's identities are shaped by
Society personal choice;
more fluid & flexible…read more

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Our sense of self = at mercy of globalised capitalism
· Capitalism can destroy jobs & change communities
Bauman (1992)
· People in post-modern societies construct their
identities through what we consume…read more

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