Sociology Revision Notes - Postmodernism

notes on Postmodernism and religion for AQA A2 Sociology

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Sociology Revision Notes ­ Postmodernism:
Post-modern Society - Lyotard:
o Loss of faith in science as able to solve human problems
o Loss of faith in progress
o Loss of faith in certainties and the possibility of identifying the
o Acceptance that everything is relative
Modern Ideas:
o Society is based on general agreement
o Society is based on class divisions
o Society is based on patriarchy
o Society is a creation of God
o Religion provides the truth and should be obeyed
Evidence of Change:
o Political parties no longer have traditional values
o Churches have women leaders, accept homosexuality and plan
services to avoid football
o People have access to new ideas from all over the world and
can pick the ideas that appeal to them
Stephen Bruce:
o Modernity is characterized by individualism and the importance
of individual choices
o In a post-modern society there is not only a great deal more
choice but also the act of choice itself becomes a central way in
which people define their identities "I consume therefore I am"
Madeline Bunting:
o Religious belief is becoming a D.I.Y Cocktail
o Seasonal Attenders ­ Christmas or Easter
o People are dipping into different beliefs and taking what most
appeals to them
o Rejecting the beliefs when they no longer apply
o Strict adherence to the belief in ancient scripture e.g. Bible,
Koran etc
o Giddens ­ major problem with late modernity centres on the
issue of doubt and risks
o Bauman ­ major problem with post modernity centres on the
issue of doubt and risks


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